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Office Cleaning

Your office is the face of your business, customers coming to visit, your office is what they see and first impressions are important. Mister Shine is dedicated to making your business the way you want it to be presented. Clean, professional and uncluttered all send the right image to your customers. Not only does it present a professional front for your customer, but it also sends an important message to your employees.

We want you to achieve your highest standard of business, for you to perform at your best you need to have a tidy environment and not having to add another task of cleaning to your list. 

Our office cleaning services include

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Kitchen cleaning and tidying 

  • Floors. Vacuuming and Mopping

  • Dusting/Cleaning mirrors or glass fixtures

  • Taking out the bins and replacing the liners

How it Works

Get in contact with us by giving us a call or completing our contact form.

We will come out and visit your site and go through all that you need to be cleaned.

We will give you a quote of how much it will all cost.

We service everything up the M4 and the M5 corridor. However, if you are outside our area don't hesitate to get in touch.