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Commercial Removals


We offer 80L crate hire. These are the most popular sort of removal crate as it is very strong and robust, perfect for storing papers and files. When empty these crates can nest inside of each other, when full the crates stack on top of each other, optimising valuable space.

If you are moving offices and need safe and secure storage for transit, our crate hire service is the perfect option.

Closed Lidded Crate
Stacked plastic crates


We work alongside these companies to provide professional removals and storage:

 Swindon Borough Council for 16 years.

Working alongside the NHS for 16 years.

Wiltshire Law for 13 years.

Citizen Advice Bureau for 13 years. 

St Mary's School for  11 years.

Open Plan Office


Flexible Commercial Office Removals

If your business is small or large, we can expertly relocate your office space to a new location. We understand that any disruption to your business could be costly so we aim to complete your move securely and professionally on time.

An optional service within the removal is full disablement of furniture, desk, and computers and reassembles at the new location.

crate hire

If you are interested in one of our services, please complete our Get in Touch form providing which service you are interested in and any additional information you think will help. We will be in touch to arrange further arrangements.

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