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Covid-19 Action Plan

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

November 5th Lockdown: We will still be operating during this second lockdown. If you need a move get in touch now.


Due to the unprecedented situation with the spread of the Covid-19 virus, our industry had to review its operations, and procedures in order minimise the risk of spreading the virus to employees and customers.

We aim to ensure that we are reducing the risk of the spread of the virus where ever possible and we ask that you respect these policies to protect our employees and yourselves. We also ask you to follow all of the government guidelines when we are carrying out your move.

Contactless Video Survey

If you prefer, we offer to do a contactless home survey via your smartphone. This will allow us to determine the amount of good needed to be moved and create a quote.

In Home Survey

Our surveyor will arrive with suitable PPE, we suggest that you have as few people within your property as possible and that you respect social distancing throughout the survey. We ask that there should be no other contractors in your home at the time. If you are feeling unwell before your visit or showing symptoms, we would ask you to call and rearrange the visit.

Preparation for the Day

Once you've received confirmation from us for a time and date of moving, we ask you make sure that your items have been cleaned to ensure the safety of our workers, as well as any surfaces that we may come in contact with.

If you are carrying out your own packing we ask you to have finished it before our arrival so there is no delay in your move. Furniture should be dismantled reading for loading in advance as well.

Make sure that there is minimal people there on moving day to help prevent the risk.

On the Day

If you are feeling unwell or have shown or showing symptoms we ask you to call as soon as possible. If one of our staff has reasonable concerns that you or someone in your home is un well or the health and safety guidelines are not being followed we will request they are withdrawn from the move.

We conduct wellness checks with our team ensuring they are not suffering from any symptoms prior to arriving to your property. Our team will be wearing masks during your move, however they may remove them during heavy lifts to aid with breathing.

Our team will observe social distancing with you but where this is not possible we ask for you to wear a face covering. Is it also recommended that the windows and doors are kept open to assist in ventilation.

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of any of our team don't hesitate to raise your concerns, the safety of our clients and team is the number one priority.


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