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Keeping Your Belongings Safe During a Move

It's easy to misplace items during a house move, keeping everything safe will take some extra effort.

Consider taking an inventory of all your valuable items. Although it may be an added workload, it can save time identifying any missing items.

It can get chaotic very quickly when packing your home. It's ideal to pack your valuable items first, set aside some time to properly protect them, and ensure that they are placed somewhere safe beforehand and during the actual move. Alternatively, you can store critical items in storage or give them to a trusted friend or family member.

We've mentioned it before, but don't leave everything until the last minute, pack in advance starting with the least used rooms. Pack things properly using bubble wrap or paper in the boxes, wrapping individual fragile items up and padding the in-between gaps in the boxes. Then securely tape up the boxes and label which room they belong in.

Don't overpack your boxes. Cardboard boxes can easily be overpacked when sorting items like books, they are small and can add up quickly. See how much one box can take and don't overdo it, risking the box breaking and your belongings being damaged. This is also a benefit when moving the boxes, keeping them light removes the risk of injury.

One thing to consider is the use of plastic boxes, they are a strong replacement for cardboard. They are more durable, easy to stack and avoid the risk of crushing your items within the box which can often happen with cardboard boxes.

Don't announce your move on social media. Prying eyes are watching for an opportunity, you may want to show all your friends out of excitement, but wait until you're in your new home. With a lot going on during moving day, you don't want anything getting stolen.

Change of locks - Changing the locks in your new home is often brushed over, think of all the spare keys that have been cut to be given to friends and family. Often forgot about, these keys could still be in the pockets of those of the old owner, leading to your house being vulnerable to theft.


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