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Moving During the Winter

The colder months bring some extra troubles to the already stressful occasion that is moving. Being prepared can make life a lot easier, we'll offer some advice to give you a better understanding if you are looking to move in the winter.

Don't shy away from moving in the winter

Many people choose not to move in the winter, this leaves more opportunity to be more flexible around your moving date, which is beneficial since the weather can be very unpredictable, as well as the buying process, not giving you a confirmed date until very late.

The weather will be a large factor in deciding if a move will go-ahead, the safety of our movers and clients is the most important thing to us. If there's any safety risk to anyone involved, we will potentially have to reschedule the move, however, this is the last resort, it's best to check the weather before the moving date and try to find a day where it's not too harsh.

Even if the weather is relatively nice the ground will be sodden and the number of people moving in and out of your home will bring in a large amount of dirt into your home. We do bring mats to protect your items and some floor space, so keep in mind you may need to clean after a winter move.

Snow can make it dangerous to move around in, to make it safer clear the area where you will be walking to and from. Take care to create a safe environment.

Allow for extra travelling time during bad weather conditions. Depending on how far you are moving, during bad weather driving heavy vans can be troublesome, so we will generally drive slower to ensure the safety of your goods.

With bad weather brings rain, if you have garden furniture, plants and pots we advice storing them if possible before the move date to ensure they are dry and don't sodden any other items they may be packed with in the van, however, this is not necessary but just some extra protection since we do every we can to protect your items during travel.

Remember, it's going to be a cold, don't pack your winter coats away at the bottom of boxes you may need to wrap up warm during the move since there will be many open doors and no heating to warm you up.

Finally, enjoy the experience as long as you are prepared you will have a less stressful experience read our moving checklist to make sure you are extra prepared and haven't forgotten anything.

Let us make winter feel better! call us 01793 726269 or get a quote!


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