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Moving To The Country

Thinking of moving to the country?

Settling down in a nice cottage on the side of a hill, surrounded by vast fields and forests and picturesque scenery.

A change of location can make a massive difference to your life, not just thinking about the costs.

Whether you're looking for some fresh air, or have a more simple outdoor life, property prices are often cheaper in the country compared to the city. However, you have to consider why the shack in the middle of nowhere is selling for so cheap and if moving solely for reducing your mortgage is really worth it. Take time to reflect and look at the big picture.

What does rural life mean to you? If you're looking for a remote quiet place with no annoying neighbours, you will have plenty of choices. But keep in mind that it may take several miles for a pint of milk.

Weigh up the options, do you prefer a small village or the outskirts of a city, living in the country doesn't mean that you being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Consider the surrounding area when making your decision.

Consider the running costs - the spacious interior and large garden may be captivating for the amount of money, comparing it to a cramped city property. Look beyond the space and allow for running costs, having to heat the extra space during the cold winters and having to furnish all those new rooms.

Outside large cities, there's limited public transport which can be more expensive, you may need to budget for more cars to suit your families needs. There will be a balance between where the property is located and where go on a regular basis.

If you have young children, you may need to consider the local schools. You cannot confirm state schools until you've confirmed the exchange of contract on your new home. The website Locrating is a great tool for local information about schools and catchment areas for them.

Commuting to work could be an impacting factor, the potential increased cost could outway some of the benefits or perhaps lockdown has made your employer more open to working from home, permanently or for part of the week. Check the mobile service and broadband speeds to ensure you're not moving into a black hole of communications.

Moving to the countryside could mean moving closer to family, but moving to a new area means time and effort to make friends. Consider your existing friends and their willingness to come to visit, friends who previously helped you with odd jobs or babysitting.


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