Showroom Cleaning

Buying a car from a showroom is an experience for the customer, every little detail is working together to bring an amazing customer journey. A clean welcoming environment is a large part of that journey, you want to present yourself and your products in the best light.
We offer flexible services to suit your particular need, customised to the requirements of your business. Whether it's daily cleaning or weekly, we service independent dealerships and showrooms as well as franchises delivering exceptional service.

Car Showroom cleaning includes

  • Showroom Floor

  • Office & Meeting Areas

  • Staff Areas

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen Areas

  • Receptions Areas

How it Works

Get in contact with us by giving us a call or completing our contact form.

We will come out and visit your site and go through all that you need to be cleaned.

We will give you a quote of how much it will all cost.

We service everything up the M4 and the M5 corridor. However, if you are outside our area don't hesitate to get in touch.